Across the United States, in all 50 states, you can find turquoise tables in front yards. It's a movement about getting to know neighbors -- being a 'front yard person.' And it started right here in Austin.

Kristin Schell put a turquoise picnic table in her front yard nearly four years ago to slow down, enjoy life and meet her neighbors.

"It was a desire to have friends over," Schell said. "I tried everything: Book clubs and easy dinner parties or Bible studies or morning coffee, but that always involved so much effort."

She found herself unsuccessful with those events. But within minutes of sitting at her turquoise table, she had that personal contact she had hoped for.

"I came out here and I sat down and I had a journal and my computer and some things to help keep me occupied and busy and within five minutes a neighbor walked by," Schell said.

Since then, the trend has picked up across the country. They call themselves "front yard people."

"It means we default to doing what we do out front," said Nicole Vickey, Schell's neighbor.

"Its not just about neighbors; it's about neighbors where you work or where you go to school," said Schell's neighbor, Mindy Arbaugh.

The movement grew as people emailed Schell stories from their turquoise tables. The emails became a book entitled, "The Turqoise Table," which is due to be released June 6.