The 31st annual "Trouble in Toyland" report was released Tuesday, warning consumers of this year’s recalled toys.

Some of the most common violations are toys with too much lead, very loud toys that damage a child’s ear drum, or toys small enough to be choking hazards. Texas Public Interest Research Group cites the “paper towel roll rule.” If the toy can fit through a paper towel roll, it could get stuck in a child's throat.

According to TexPIRG, 44 toys have been recalled so far in 2016. Of those 44, 16 are still available to buy in one way or another. With the prevalence of shopping online, consumers may not even be aware they are buying a recalled toy.

Congressman Lloyd Doggett joined TexPIRG on Tuesday to urge parents to stay informed of toy recalls not only for future purchases, but for any toys that may be currently in the home.

“There is nothing that the federal government, our consumer product advocates who’ve done such a great job – like the PIRGs (Public Information Research Groups) across the country – none of this is a substitute for good caregiving and for good parenting,” explained Congressman Doggett.

Parents can stay on top of the latest recalls at

They can also go to for more information.

Finally, a copy of this year’s “Trouble in Toyland” report, with detailed product information on this year’s recalled products, can be found at