What started out as a routine traffic stop for speeding turned into something Travis County Constable deputies weren't expecting -- a mother going into labor on the side of FM 620.

Senior Sergeant Edward Garden said he was on traffic patrol on FM 620 and Boulder Lane when he saw a car zoom by him at 79 miles per hour in a 55. Garden pulled the driver over.

As he approached the car, Garden said the door swung open and was followed by screams from the driver. The passenger, who they believed was the father, yelled out that driver was in labor. That's when Garden called for backup they moved the mother to the back of the SUV and began prepping her for delivery.

One bystander snapped a photo of the stop saying, “An example of good the police do for our city!"”

“To be looked at in a positive light is exhilarating, it makes you...[it] puts a smile on your face. For us, personally, I don't think of it like that. I'm just doing my job," Garden said.

Garden said they had gloves and a deputy who was formerly a registered nurse who would be able to walk them through the process if needed.

Law enforcement said they were told the mother and child are doing fine.