Attorneys for Greg Kelley on Thursday filed new court records that provide previously undisclosed information about a third possible suspect and claim new reasons Kelley's conviction should be overturned.

According to the documents, a third man who lived in the house where a 4-year-old boy is believed to have been sexually assaulted had a previous charge of indecency with a child. He also served time for robbery, according to the document.


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The man's attorney on the charges, which date back to 2007, was Patricia Cummings, who also represented Kelley on child sexual assault charges that led to his conviction.

The documents contend that Cummings did not pursue that man as a possible suspect because of her prior relationship with him.

An attorney for Cummings said Thursday that if evidence points to a third person as a possible suspect, then Kelley's conviction should be overturned.

The new filing comes as State District Judge Donna King prepares to issue rulings to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, which will have the final say in Kelley's case.

Their ruling is not expected for several months after receiving King's recommendations.