Even if you weren't paying much attention to the weather forecast, I'm sure you noticed just how abnormally warm it has been lately. February was ridiculously warm across Austin.

While the spring equinox, which marks the end of winter, officially commences on March 20th, meteorological winter runs from the beginning of December until the end February. Let's break down the numbers, shall we?

Not only will February 2017 go down as the warmest February ever in Austin, but it beat the old record easily. The average temperature for February 2017 was 64.5°, shattering the old record high set back in 1999 of 62.3°.

Out of the 28 days in February, only 3 of them recorded high temperatures that were below normal. 24 of the days had high temperatures above normal.

Also, for the first time ever in recorded history, Austin never dropped below 40 degrees in February.

Alright, alright, alright, (Did you just read that in Matt Mcconaughey's voice?) we can go on forever about how warm February was... but the winter wasn't ALL warm. Remember the bone-chilling temperatures we saw in January? In fact, Camp Mabry in Austin dropped to 19° on the morning of January 7th which was the coldest temperature Austin saw since 2011.

Of course, the cold weather didn't stick around for long. By mid January, Central Texas was once again basking in the sunshine and warm weather.

For the 3rd winter season in a row, no accumulation of snowfall was recorded in Austin. The last time the Capitol city has seen the flakes fly was back in in early 2014 where Camp Mabry picked up 0.1" of snow officially on both Janurary 23, 24.