Pest control companies in Austin said it has been a busy past few weeks.

They are attributing the uptick to the recent rain from Harvey – along with the warm and rainy past few years we have had.

"It has been ridiculous,” said Monica Malone, with J & J Pest Control in Austin.

They have been getting hundreds of calls a day from people asking for pest control help.

"The roaches have been unreal,” said Malone. “The rodents have been up."

Causing major damage. Rats ripping into clothing and creating holes in pipes.

Darla Rapier, a Brentwood-area resident said she is seeing more roaches.

"They're different than the ones we normally get,” said Rapier.

Because she lives close to water, the drainage ditch behind her home becomes a breeding spot for mosquitos.

"It is really annoying,” said Rapier. “Especially when it comes to young babies and children."

Pest control specialists give this advice to prevent the bugs and animals from getting inside.

"Sealing things up, not giving them a food source as much as possible,” said Malone. “Then, of course, general pest treatment. So if you can combine all of those, you can drastically reduce the number of anything – rats, roaches getting into your house."

They also remind you to trim your trees.

And set up bait.

"I know a lot of people aren't fond of rat baits right now,” said Malone. “The baiting is really important to help knock down that population.”