The Texas Rangers are attempting to track down who is responsible for stealing money from the evidence room at the Pflugerville Police Department.

According to Pflugerville police, the investigation has been ongoing for several months, but they have not uncovered any leads. Terri Toledo, the public information officer with the city of Pflugerville, said "the evidence is related to a case and that case is currently being investigated as well with a municipal court hearing in January."

"Due to the external investigation and the case at which this material is partnered, we have to be very sensitive about what we say because we don't want to compromise the current investigation," Toledo said.

Toledo said the money that is missing from the evidence room is accessible only with a security card.

"Even to go to the room where the evidence room is, you are in a secured area that is not open to the public. You have to go back within the police department with your security card into the evidence area with a security card. Then when you're in there, you go inside and you fill out a sheet at the vault. You fill that out with a clerk. Then the clerk usually gets the evidence you want and the clerk may escort the requester into the room. Those logs are under review as well as the security card access."

She can't confirm how much money was stolen.

No one has been arrested, and they do not have a person of interest.

The Texas Rangers are expected to have a final report of their investigation within four to six weeks. The results of the investigation will be made public, Toledo said.