The missing 21-year-old University of Houston student and son of a Michigan congressman has been found safe.

Carl Conyers (HPD/KHOU)

The mother of Carl Conyers has confirmed that her son is alive and safe and back with her Friday morning.

Conyers’ mother, Monica, got the call from UH Police overnight. She says the details of how he was found are still unclear to her. She says her son needed a shower and hadn’t eaten. He's now resting.

Conyers is the son of U.S. Rep. John Conyers, of Michigan, and his Monica.

Conyers was reported missing after he was last seen Tuesday. His roommates were worried because his car and wallet and phone were left at the apartment. He also didn’t show up for work.

His girlfriend panicked when she received a cryptic tweet telling her to meet him at UH. But Varl never showed.

There was an all-out search for Conyers Thursday. In fact, it was going to resume later Friday morning, but good news, Conyers was found alive.