After Rep. Dan Huberty filed HB 21 Monday, the Texas Legislature’s public education committee held hearings on it.

Many of the speakers were in favor of the bill which plans to pump $1.6 billion intro public education.

The bill makes several other proposals including reducing recapture payments as an effort to keep property taxes from rising. It also plans to raise the basic allotment the state gives districts by $210 per student.

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One Austin ISD parent testified saying he was in favor of the bill.

"I have the privilege of serving on a facilities planning committee as a father of an AISD student,” said Dusty Harshman. "Where you see Austin suffer under the weight of recapture, is in our facilities, in our abilities to maintain them … As a multi-session effort, this is a wonderful first step."

Monty Exter with the Association of Texas Professional Educators said the organization is extremely appreciative that the chairman and the house, “have taken this step to try to start to address the school finance system.”

He also said this bill represents a potential relief in property taxes.

“When you’re flowing money into the basic allotment as this bill does, it relieves local taxing districts from having to rely so much on local property taxes, which should help everyone out,” said Exter.

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