Texans can now purchase license plates to help the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department keep the state’s rivers healthy.

The Texas Rivers conservation license plate are available for $30, with $22 going straight to TPWD’s Conserving Texas Rivers Initiative. TPWD said that since 2010, the initiative has helped restore more than 10,000 acres of springs, creeks and streamside habitats.

“The new plate design features a Texas river cascading over boulders and past cypress trees while gently carrying a kayaker downstream past a fly fisherman casting into a yellow sunset,” said Janis Johnson, TPWD Conservation License Plate program manager. “We expect this plate will appeal to a broad group of people, including swimmers, tubers, anglers, canoers and kayakers, water conservationists and all of the people who love and appreciate Texas rivers.”

TPWD added revenue from the plates will also help the River Access and Conservation Areas Program, which has established 19 public river access on 10 rivers since 2012.

“Texas rivers are treasured and indispensable resources that sustain us all, and the image on this new Texas Rivers conservation license plate illustrates the values associated with healthy, flowing rivers,” said Tim Birdsong, Chief of Habitat Conservation for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Inland Fisheries Division. “Our hope is that this new plate will help connect and unite those with a shared passion for conserving Texas’ scenic, wild, and storied rivers for current and future generations.”

The Texas rivers plate is one of eight that support TPWD projects. TAP HERE to learn more about the plates.