An emotional photo a Denton mother reposted of her transgender son is now going viral.

The photo was taken at the end of a long Trans Texas Lobby Day in early March. Amber Briggle's 9-year-old son Max was worn out and tired and sat down and started to cry.

Briggle remembers seeing photographer Bob Owen of the San Antonio Express-News taking the photo and asking him to stop. Then a few days ago she saw the photo online and reposted it on her Facebook account, saying she wished Max could be at home enjoying his summer instead of continuing to lobby for his human rights in Austin.

She says the post now has more than 3 million views.

"I was like 'That is really powerful, I see now what he was seeing' and I wanted to put it out there because I really wanted people to see the real faces of these real kids and how they're really gonna be effected if SB 3 or SB 91 were to pass," Briggle said.

Max and Amber and the rest of their family have been in the news before.

Last fall, the Briggle's invited Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton over for dinner, after he filed a lawsuit on behalf of the State of Texas and several other states challenging a federal policy granting transgender kids access to school bathrooms.

Briggle says situations like that give her hope that the House will be able to stop Senate Bill 3.