HOUSTON -- The motto in Midtown might as well be, if you paint it, they will come. Over the years many blocks have been brightened by artists.

One of them is Sebastien Boileau, who is also known as Mr. D.

You really got to get your hands dirty, he said.

At one time the graffiti painter from France might have been seen as a vandal, but today his work is being celebrated as his newest piece is about to be completed.

The piece is called Preservons la Creation which is obviously French for Let s Preserve Creation, he said.

Like the Renaissance masterpiece by Michelangelo which inspired it, Mr. D. hopes this inspires too.

Art is important, he said. You know yes jobs, infrastructure, it s all important. But people want to have coffee shops, art, aesthetic is really important and it just changes neighborhoods. We ve seen it all over the world and it s happening here in Houston.

When finished next month, the mural at 2800 San Jacinto will stand five stories tall and cover 8,000 square feet. It is a massive undertaking, and will be the largest mural in Houston's history.

We re talking over 100 gallons of paint, 500 spray cans, weeks of work, myself and my assistants, said Mr. D.

And though little else will match its scale, he believes it is just a start.

I hope this is a blueprint for others, said Mr. D. I want to see other artists jump on big walls and make it happen, he said.

The installation is possible through a partnership between the Texas-French Alliance for the Arts Open Door Project and several donors.

It will be officially unveiled to the public on Saturday, June 7, and some of the proceeds surrounding the event will be given to mural projects at children s hospitals in the U.S. and France.

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