Governor Greg Abbott joined three other governors in sending a letter to the U.S. Department of Agriculture requesting the temporary suspension of grazing restrictions after recent wildfires.

Abbott, along with Governor Sam Brownback of Kansas, Governor Susana Martinez of New Mexico and Governor Mary Fallin of Oklahoma, asked the USDA-Farm Service Agency to implement the Emergency Conservation Program to provide financial resources to farmers and ranchers who were impacted by the wildfires.

"Emergency grazing authorization would provide immediate relief to livestock producers in areas affected by the ongoing wildfires,” the letter reads. "These fires have also devastated critical infrastructure, including fencing, on farms and ranches in our states. The Emergency Conservation Program provides critical financial resources to affected farmers and ranchers to rebuild fences. We urge the Farm Service Agency to expedite the implementation of the Emergency Conservation Program in our states. The sooner the program is implemented, the faster the livestock industries in our states can begin to rebuild from this devastating event."

The wildfires have devastated ranches and farms in the Texas panhandle. Some ranches in the area are donating hay to ranchers in need.