BROWNSVILLE, Texas – Border Patrol agents seized more than 800 pounds of marijuana Tuesday after forcing the smugglers to ditch their truck in the Rio Grande River.

Customs and Border Protection said the agents were working near Brownsville the morning of June 27 when they observed a pickup truck driving through a golf course. As the agents moved in on the truck, CBP said the driver turned around and drove the truck into the Rio Grande. The driver of the truck and their passenger were able to swim back across the river into Mexico, and agents recovered 37 bundles of marijuana with an estimated value of $641,320.

Bundles of marijuana seized by Border Patrol agents on June 27, 2017.

CBP added the tactic of a drug smuggler driving into the river to avoid arrest is commonly referred to as a “splashdown.” Since Oct. 1, 2016, the Rio Grande City Station has had 10 of the 14 reported splashdowns.