Seniors and retirees living in Texas: Stop and think before you consider moving to a different state.

Texas has been named the eighth best place to live in America for retired life in 2017, according to

Texas ranks at 75 percent on the “SeniorScore” scale with Virginia’s number one spot ranking at 78 percent in comparison. In a more narrow study, Austin ranks at number two in's “Top 10 Large Cities in America for Seniors."

So why is Texas one of the best states for senior living? gave the following reasons:

-High quality of healthcare

-Low cost of living

-Mild winters

-Lots of sunshine for outdoor activities

-Nearly 800 golf courses and a large quantity of recreational parks

This ranking is based on a study that uses a data-driven livability index called "SeniorScore" to calculate what places have the best accommodations for senior living.

According to the "SeniorScore" algorithm uses over a 100 variables. Top variables include:

-Health and safety

-Recreation and leisure


-General quality of life