The weekend is here, and a lot of times that means a refreshing adult beverage. But -- as many 'winos' know -- with some wine comes a headache.

"It was about 10 years ago I had to give up wine entirely," said David Meadows, Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering. "I'd wake up, sometimes the next morning, with a headache and congestion and that would be even just after half a glass of wine. I knew it wasn't from over consumption."

Meadows didn't want a little wine to boss him around.

"Being from a medical background, I kind of understood what the symptoms were and I knew it was a histamine response," Meadows said.

He invented "The Wand," a filter for wine. When the wand is swirled in a six ounce glass of wine for three minutes, the charged ions in "The Wand" attract the two things that give people the most trouble with wine.

"It doesn't matter really whether it's a cheap wine or an expensive wine, they all have histamines and sulfites," Dr. Meadows said.

Histamines come from the skin of the red grapes and sulfites are used to give wine a longer shelf life.

"The challenge was being able to figure out how you can selectively remove the histamines and the sulfites without removing the good things," he said.

'The Wand' is available online, at H-E-B stores and Total Wine.