The second attempt at a Mexican American Studies textbook has officially been struck down by the Texas State Board of Education Friday.

The book, "Mexican American Studies Toolkit," follows the "Mexican American Heritage" textbook that was presented to the board last year. The "Mexican American Heritage" textbook was criticized for being rife with factual errors and having anti-Hispanic bias.

Tony Diaz, the author of the new book presented, spoke out against the board's decision, saying that "having undergone the process, I recommend the TX SBOE provide more time for the process."

He said in a statement Friday that not only did the textbook meet and exceed the requirements, "additional time would have provided opportunity to report that in a manner conducive to individual board members."


Texas board rejects second Mexican-American studies textbook attempt

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When KVUE spoke with him on Wednesday, Diaz said he questioned their motivations.

"Part of me has to ask, 'Do they even want Mexican American studies textbooks, or classes in the state?" Diaz said. "They may not want Mexican American studies on their watch. It's here, and I'm so glad that we've gotten scholars together to produce this book, we've got to do it on our own, and that's the lesson."

SBOE member David Bradley told KVUE Wednesday the writing of Diaz' book was flawed.

"Poor grammar, poor punctuation, spelling errors, lack of citing references. Just a disorganized style. You know, content was not the issue, because it certainly addressed the subject area, it was just a text book that was not up to the standards of the state of Texas requires,” Bradley said.

KVUE's Rebeca Trejo said the board in January will discuss creating a standard for ethnic studies.