Texas is another step closer to having a transportation option that would sharply slice the travel time between the largest cities in the Lone Star State.

Out of hundreds of applicants across the world, the Texas Triangle, created by Hyperloop Texas, was one of 10 routes chosen to be a part of the Hyperloop One Global project. It would connect Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Houston with a Hyperloop freight route to Laredo.

In theory, Hyperloop technology would transport someone from Austin to Dallas in less than 20 minutes by gradually accelerating pods via electric propulsion through a low-pressure tube, the technology company said.

Hyperloop Texas representatives said the technology would help to eliminate mass congestion on Austin, Dallas and Houston's roadways.

HyperLoop One said the winners of the global competition showcased the best innovation and creativity. Three other U.S. companies also showed those skills, landing in the top 10. They're listed below:

-Midwest Connect: Chicago-Columbus-Pittsburgh

-Rocky Mountain HyperLoop: Cheyenne-Denver-Pueblo

-Miami/Orlando Hyperloop: Miami-Orlando

Next, all of the winners will work with Hyperloop One to improve their proposals and provide ridership forecasts. Through workshops, the teams will also work on the feasibility aspect of the routes.

If all goes according to plan, HyperLoop One would have three routes in service by 2021.

See the full list of potential Hyperloop routes, here.