Testimony in a hearing for an anti-abortion Texas law wrapped up in U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel’s courtroom Wednesday.

This comes after several days of testimony over state Senate Bill 8.

A portion of the law outlaws a common abortion procedure for women in their second trimester: dilation and evacuation, which uses instruments like a suction device or forceps to carry out the abortion.

The law outlaws this procedure if a doctor does not cause fetal demise -- or fetal death -- beforehand. Fetal demise can be reached through: the drug digoxin; an injection of potassium chloride; or an umbilical cord transection.

Women's health groups, including Planned Parenthood and Whole Woman’s Health, are suing the state, saying the ban is unconstitutional and places an undue burden on women.

But the state has argued it is protecting the life of an unborn child.

Judge Yeakel did not make a decision from the bench Wednesday but said “we will get to it again.”

There is currently a temporary restraining order on the law that expires on Nov. 22.

Those close to the case say the judge is likely to make a ruling before the order expires.