A 17-year-old suspect has been arrested after he was accused of burglarizing vehicles and fleeing the scene, resulting in a high speed chase and a vehicular collision, police said.

On Tuesday, court documents state that police were called to the scene of an alleged burglary at the Lotus Village Apartments at 300 Ferguson Drive, where two suspects were reportedly seen breaking into vehicles. The caller said he witnessed the suspects breaking into two of his vehicles and that they were last seen fleeing the complex in a dark-colored Honda or Hyundai.

Once arriving on the scene, an officer said they observed a dark-colored Hyundai driving at a high rate of speed down Turner Drive. After attempting to initiate a stop, the officer said the Hyundai took off, a vehicular pursuit was initiated and additional patrol cars were called for assistance.

Following numerous opportunities to pull over and eventually being clocked at dangerous rates of speed near 90 miles per hour, police said they lost sight of the suspect after the Hyundai drove through a red light at Lamar Boulevard and Payton Gin Road.

Documents state that officers later responded to a collision in the area involving the suspect's vehicle and a silver Ford. Upon inspecting the Hyundai, police said they found two people inside and learned that the suspect had fled on foot. After checking the area, police said the suspect, identified as Jonathon Reyna, was found hiding in a nearby dumpster.

Police said Reyna admitted the Hyundai was his and immediately asked about his girlfriend, one of the passengers identified in his vehicle, who was injured in the collision. She reported pains in her back and neck and was transported to Dell Seton hospital for her injuries, police said.

The driver of the Ford reported pains in her neck, head and shoulder, as well as swelling on her right hand and foot, according to police reports.

Police later confirmed that at least three vehicles were burglarized at the apartment complex and that Reyna did not stop to render aid to his girlfriend or the driver of the Ford. The 911 caller stated he saw Reyna inside his vehicle with his radio/navigation screen in hand and when confronted, Reyna dropped the device and ran out of the complex with his male partner.

Travis County records show that Reyna has six charges listed under his name, including burglary of a vehicle, evading arrest and failing to stop to render aid.

No other information was immediately released on the second suspect.