"Dancing with the Stars" always has a live audience, but on April 10 there was someone special in the crowd. Someone whose hopes and dreams of becoming a dancer are upstaged only by her ability to do things many wouldn't expect her to accomplish.

The stage is where 13-year-old Macy Martin belongs. Dancing makes her heart happy.

"She is an amazing person," said Macy’s mom Julie Martin.

You'd never know by looking at her how remarkable her talent is - until you see how far she's come.

"From the beginning, she was small, sick and she couldn't digest her food she wasn't growing," said Julie.

At four-months-old, doctors diagnosed Macy with cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease that damages the lungs and digestive system.

"It's a progressive disease. It's something that works its way through the body and gets worse and worse," Julie explained.

So each day, every day, Macy has to do breathing treatments and take dozens of medicines.

The treatments take hours, but they don't stop Macy from dancing and helping others.

"She has a very servant heart. She wants to serve others. She works with children with special needs at her school she's done that for two years. It's her favorite part of the day is helping the kids with special needs," said Julie.

Historically, children diagnosed with cystic fibrosis either end up needing lung transplants or live to be about 37-years-old. Macy has already had seven surgeries.

“She won't ever get the health back that she's lost, but any lung deterioration can't be reversed, but hopefully these new medicines will stop the further progress of the disease,” said Julie.

So her mom decided it was time to do something for Macy, make her dream of watching "Dancing with the Stars" live come true.

"I was pretty hopeful that it was going to happen,” said Julie.

Make a Wish of Central Texas delivered. The organization worked with Domain Northside to give Macy the star treatment with hair, makeup, a new dress and a trip to Los Angeles with her entire family, all for a night to remember.

“It's so special and it will be a memory we have forever,” said Julie.

For a young teen whose dreams are bigger than any stage.

“Thank you!” said Macy.

Macy is one of 300 wishes that will be granted in Central Texas this year. If you’d like to help make those wishes happen, go here.

80 percent of the children granted wishes survive their childhood diseases.