With Apple's launch of two new iPhones this month came the release of their new operating system, iOS11.

While the full list of new features can be found on Apple's website, KVUE's Jason Puckett wanted to highlight some of the new features that are especially useful.

Customizable Control Center

A swipe up from the bottom of the screen has always brought Apple's "control center" to the front of the screen and iOS11 makes it the most streamlined, condensed version to date.

Instead of multiple pages, the buttons on the control center are all now on one page. Users can still control the basics like brightness, music, volume and airplane mode, but they can also customize buttons and add new elements like shortcuts for "notes" or a new "screen record" function

Editable Screenshots

While screenshots are nothing new to iOS devices, the ability to immediately edit them is. If a user presses the home button and power button at the same time, the screen will flash and the image will be saved but now it will first appear in the lower left hand corner as an editable file.

Users can take notes, add text or even draw on these images before sharing them.

Drag and Drop Functionality

An iPad only feature, iOS11 users can now copy and paste photos and text simply by holding down and dragging it into a new window.

Update Siri

With iOS11 came a new updated Siri. Not only will users notice her voice is slightly different, her feature set is as well.

With voice commands, users can still order food, Uber rides and more but now Siri can also translate languages and more

Scan documents directly into Notes

iOS11 beefed up the built in "Notes" app allowing hand drawing, text recognition and now the ability to photograph documents and scan them into .pdf format. This allows things like receipts or business cards to be scanned and filed into the system automatically.

For more new features and to see some in action, watch the attached video.