When you're out to win a medal, you give it everything you've got.

When you need help to get to the competition, you call on the community you helped out years before.

Dennis Seymore is a Special Olympian with Arthrogryposis, a joint disorder that requires him to be in a wheelchair.

In the Fall, he bowls with teammate Samantha Cowan.

The pair met through a Round Rock ISD program that pairs general education students with special needs students and they became instant pals.

Samantha's pick-up truck is really the only way for Dennis to get around these days because the handicapped equipped van Dennis' dad Kenneth owns can't leave the parking lot. The 1998 Ford Econoline has broken windows, useless door handles, a brake system that just won't work and a crack on its crucial wheelchair ramp.

"Vans like this are starting out at like $29,000 to $30,000, and you know as a single dad that makes it a little hard sometimes to come up with that type of funds", said Dennis's dad Kenneth Seymore.

So, Samantha sprung into action with a GoFundMe account that includes a part of history that makes Dennis even more deserving.

"If you are from the Round Rock, Texas area," she wrote. "You probably have heard of the Play For All Abilities Park. The idea for this park came from Dennis and his dad."

Since the park's grand opening in 2012, families have come from across the country to enjoy the 51,000 square foot play place which has recently expanded and will re-open in just a few weeks.

Samantha hopes some of those who Dennis has helped can now give back.

"Dennis just makes everybody's day better," Samantha added. "He's amazing. He's my best friend."

Click here for Samantha's GoFundMe page.