Rainey Street bar Unbarlievable is being investigated by the Texas Alcoholic and Beverage Commission after a customer reported an incident involving concerning "imagery" and "language."

TABC officials said they received an email June 18 that referred to an incident that occurred in March.

While the TABC did not specify what exactly happened during the incident, social media has been buzzing about the owner of the bar, identified as Brandon Cash, and other representatives spewing out alleged racist comments and disregarding alleged anti-Semitic actions at the establishment.

Warning Explicit Language Below

In a Facebook review for the bar, a woman named Rebecca Quintrell writes, "First and last time going: BEER SWASTIKA.. ..table next to us ordered a lot of beers and the worker brought the beers out then put them in a shape of a SWASTIKA. Totally uncalled for and disrespectful. Told the owner and he did not care at all- horrible."

The Unbarlievable account responds to Quintrell by writing, " If you have feelings all complaints should be directed to our HR department. You can reach them at get[expletive]@unbarlievable.com."

No photos of the alleged incident have surfaced.

Quintrell said when she confronted Cash about the incident, he offered her free shots. She said when she asked if the worker would be fired, he told her it wasn't happening.

There are also other customers who have been outspoken online about their experiences at the bar and how those negative experiences have been responded to.

After someone on a Google Review recently gave the business one star for poor service, someone who claims to be the owner responded by saying, "Let's be honest with each other...the only thing ill-conceived around here was your birth. And that wasn't a margarita! Since you had a towel on your head my bartender thought you were the new bus boy and handed you some dirty dishes to wash. Side note: next time you ship in a prostitute from out of town you don't have to take her out and buy her drinks to get laid.”

In January, someone else gave a one star review as well. The rating was on Yelp and connected through Facebook. The owner, Brandon Cash, commented on the rating saying, "I hope you don't have any daughters bc they are definitely gonna get grabbed by the (expletive) you stupid (expletive) ant! Anyone know this pile of (expletive)?"

Cash -- who owns two other bars in Austin that include Goodnight and Rooftop on Sixth Street -- released the following statement Wednesday evening:

"It is with profound humility that I issue this heartfelt apology. To those who I have hurt and offended, I am deeply sorry. My words and actions were wrong, inappropriate and inexcusable. They certainly don’t exemplify the values of a community that I love and care deeply about and my insensitive actions do not represent the views of my loyal and dedicated employees.
"Austin has been my home for over 30 years and I have worked hard to create hospitality experiences that reflect our unique, fun-loving Austin culture and attract patrons and guests who appreciate it. Unfortunately, my own intolerable actions have contributed to a negative environment that has detracted from that culture and vision. I fully realize that forgiveness may not come easily, but I am asking for it and I pledge to earn it. I am going to work diligently to earn back the trust of my customers, my
employees and this community."

The Goodnight issued a statement on Wednesday evening, distancing themselves from Cash:

An Austin community activist said a press conference and protest against Cash and his businesses are scheduled for Friday.

"It's our responsibility to work together and work as a family to make sure that this doesn't happen again and that this person apologizes to the community," Marco Mancillas said. "I've been in Austin for over 15 years and this stuff has got to stop."

Following the press conference, City Council Member Sabino Renteria called for the boycott of the bar.

Cash released another statement Friday:

The recent community outrage has been a wake-up call for me personally. I’ve witnessed the overwhelming anger in direct response to my deplorable conduct and I want to assure everyone that I have taken it to heart. To the Austin community embarrassed by my actions and to those individuals I have personally offended, I apologize. I will be making immediate changes to our personal conduct and interactions with our patrons. Today, I began a very constructive dialogue with community representatives to hear their concerns and take needed steps to make sure my employees and I fully appreciate the gravity of the situation. As of today, I haven’t been notified by the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission about an investigation being reported by local media outlets, but I will of course fully cooperate with all law enforcement agencies.

The protest will be at 7 p.m. Around 30 people are expected to attend.