An Austin family has been reunited with their puppy after their surveillance cameras caught a suspect walking away from their home with the three-month-old white Labrador retriever.

Homeowner Karl Kupecz told KVUE that the incident occurred at 7:15 p.m. on Tuesday night while the family was away from their home on Bluff Street near Zilker Park. In the surveillance video he posted on his public Facebook page, a woman is seen walking by the family’s home where she appears to notice the puppy in the backyard. She then is seen heading over to open the gate and walks away from where she came with the puppy jumping at her heels.

Kupecz said his post asking for help went viral, and it didn’t take long before someone on Facebook identified her. He said police were able to find her and she led them to the puppy, who was tied up not far from the family’s home.

The Austin Police Department has not yet released the woman’s identity but said she was arrested on an unrelated charge as they continue the investigation.

Kupecz said the male puppy named Bear was given to his 5-year-old daughter as a gift when the family cat died. Bear has been a part of the family for about two months, he said.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.