Since President Donald Trump's election, there have been numerous events protesting the president in Austin, but Saturday people gathered to support him.

Organizers said around 500 people attended the "March for Trump" downtown Saturday afternoon. Flags and signs in hand, people wrapped around Wooldridge Park to march to the state Capitol.

Jennifer Drabbant said she organized the event after seeing countless anti-Trump protests in Austin.

"We just went ahead and had a march for Trump so that he sees that we're not afraid to show that we support him and that there are a lot of us out here," Drabbant said.

Jessica Friedrich made her own patriotic hats in response to the pink, cat-eared hats seen at the Women's March.

"It's been very popular and I'm making them each by hand and sending them out as fast as I can make them," Friedrich said.

Tiffany Garcia made the drive to Austin from Edinburg to be at the march.

"I traveled all the way from the border of Texas," Garcia said. "I feel like minorities like myself need to voice our opinion on how we feel about out current president."

Garcia said she wants to show her support for President Donald Trump and his immigration policies. She also had a few words for anyone entering this country.

"If they're following the protocol, like they should have been the past eight years, it shouldn't be an issue," Garcia said.

"Despite your personal feelings on the president, we need to unify together to make this country a better place and the only way to do that is to work together," Drabbant said.

Counter-protesters were present and there was plenty of disagreement, but overall the march was mostly peaceful.