Homeowners in Sun City are having to get creative in finding ways to keep out some hungry visitors.

Residents there said they’ve had problems with deer eating their plants and flowers. The Sun City Garden Club is even offering residents some tips.

"It's hard to keep them away from the plants,” said William W. Buddington.

He’s lived in the area for about three years, and said he sees deer every single day.

"Deer will nibble a little bit here, and nibble a little bit there, and it upsets some people, but they don't destroy the plant,” said Buddington.

He said he plants things that don’t need a lot of water, hoping it will deter the deer.

"Well, certain plants, like hibiscus, I never knew they liked them, they love hibiscus. And you want the flowers, and then here come the deer, and they like the flowers too,” said Buddington.

He’s come up with a creative solution.

"I also grow hot peppers, and make dust and sprinkle it on the plants and that kind of keeps the deer away," said Buddington. "The deer get a whiff of that stuff and they -- you see them jump -- and they don't come back. So that keeps them off your plants pretty good, and other than that it's hard, cause they come at night.”

KVUE spoke to the experts at McIntire's Garden Center in Georgetown, who said they have people constantly asking about deer solutions.

They said deer are adapting to the developed environment, and eating what’s in people’s yards. Because of that, they said there's actually a short list of plants that deer won't eat, and said nothing is deer proof.

A few of the plants on their list include:

  • Rosemary
  • Mexican Oregano
  • Salvia Greggii
  • Mexican Bush Sage
  • Abelia