Saturday marks prom night for Lyndon B. Johnson High School. And students there are preparing for the special night in a more unconventional, but effective way.

The Austin Police Department and other agencies are putting on a pre-prom safety presentation, which includes many interactive stations that can show these kids some important lessons. At those stations, students are tasked to put on goggles or do things that impair their vision or distract them in order to give them a reality check.

KVUE's Jay Wallis tested out some of the stations, and let's just say the tests are definitely difficult.

And that's the whole point: To show -- not tell -- the kids what it's like driving impaired or distracted.

"We want to bring these issues to the forefront right now during prom so that it's fresh in their mind so that they can remember to wear their seatbelt. They can remember not to text and drive. They can remember it's illegal to consume alcohol under age," said Bobbi Brooks with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. "A lot of these kids say, 'Don't just tell us, show me.' And this is a safe environment to be able to show them."

Brooks, the program manager of the organization that put on the event, also said she has seen synthetics as a major issue for a lot of kids not only in Austin, but in the state.

A total of about 150 seniors will go through the courses Friday, as this is one of the many cities Texas A&M Agrilife's "Watch Your Back" team is traveling to this week. They are trying to get to as many schools across the state during prom season.

Brooks hopes that continuing to offer these services to teens will bring awareness for many and hopefully save some lives along the way.