On Thursday, Bruce Springsteen fans traded a concert venue for a book store, all to meet their favorite star.

"He's just a legend. I mean his music, the messages he gives, the things he does. He's just a legend in my mind," said Dixie Gray, who showed up four hours before the event to secure her spot in line.

"I think it just resonates with everybody. It's not a generational (thing). There are some musicians who are generational, Bruce is not. He speaks to everybody," added Anne Roland.

Roland and Gray met in line Thursday morning, but by the time was signing was over - were basically completing each other's sentences. The community feel, representative of many of the relationships amongst Springsteen fans.

In total, 1,200 people bought tickets to the signing and photo opportunity with Springsteen at Book People. Tickets for the event sold out in just a minute.

"I've met a lot of famous people in my life... but that's the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me," said Amy Brees.

And while most fans knew exactly what to expect when they showed up on Thursday morning, Sandra Kurty did not.

"My daughter called me, and she said 'Put on your rock and roll outfit or shirt or whatever. And meet me at 9:00 at Book People.' And I said '9:00' And she said 'yeah." So I called her back, and said 'you mean at night? Because you said rock and roll clothes. And so I said maybe I misunderstood you. And she said 'no - 9 in the morning. You meet me at 9:00,'" explained Kurty.

So she made her way to Book People - to be greeted by a line that stretched all the way around the block.

"I just went walking back there - and I thought 'Oh my gosh! All these people - there must be somebody cool has got to be here. And then I got cleared down, and I Saw her face. And then she told me it was Bruce. Oh my gosh.. I about flipped!," said Kurty, laughing from the excitement of the moment. "Oh my gosh. And then I got to see him, he looked so good, I went up to give him a hug, and he hugged me back, and I said 'I love you," and he gave me a kiss right on my cheek!," Kurty explained.

Among the crowd - his legion of fans trading stories... one more unbelievable than the other.

Cindy Stowell said Thursday was a special day - for many reasons.

"This is my 36th anniversary of (hearing) Bruce (for the first time). It was December 1st, 1980 I heard "Prove It All Night" on the clock radio one morning," Stowell explained. She was a Texas A & M student at the time, and knew something about his struck her.

"I got up. And ran to the phone and called the radio station to find out who sang that song. And then like I said I ran out after class and got my first album - Born to Run."

She came to Thursday's book signing with two friends, Mary Ann Graham and Bill Daily.

Graham is from New Jersey, and recalled a fond memory of her sister taking her to a Springsteen concert in the 1970's.

"(It was in) Passaic, New Jersey to see him at the Capital Theatre... One of the most phenomenal shows. We stood in lines- we stood on the chairs, we rocked the place, the floor shook," she recalled, as if the show had just wrapped up.

"It's somewhat surreal after seeing him so many shows. He's up on the stage, then he's right there you give the guy a nice hug - thanking him for all the great memories he's given us," explained Daily.

Fans received a photo with Springsteen, an autographed book of his new autobiography "Born to Run," and a second, Springsteen-related book as part of their ticket purchase.