The New Yorker released an article Monday from one of it's upcoming issues that focuses on the 85th Texas Legislature.

The article, titled "America's Future Is Texas," is written by Austin author, screenwriter and playwright Lawrence Wright.

In it he details the highs, lows and heated moments of the 85th Legislative Session. Wright delves into the rising "Freedom Caucus" party and the tension some feel toward Speaker of the House Joe Straus (R-San Antonio).

Straus talked with Wright about his well-known opposition to the so-called bathroom bill. In the article, Straus is quoted as saying, "We came very close this session to passing a sweepingly discriminatory policy. It would have sent a very negative message around the country."

As for Gov. Greg Abbott's call to pass bathroom privacy legislation in the special session, Wright quoted Straus as saying, "I expect legislators to return with a calm demeanor, and with a firm commitment to make Texas even better ... We're under no obligation to pass anything."

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The issue of The New Yorker that features the article is set to be in stores July 10.