As a woman said rock throwers continue to terrorize her South Austin neighborhood, she is now offering a reward and shuttering her windows.

KVUE originally reported last week that neighbors who live in the Skyway neighborhood in South Austin are being terrorized by vandals throwing rocks at their homes.

Rock throwers terrorize South Austin neighborhood, damage homes

Patricia Potyka started installing shutters Tuesday to protect her windows after they've been shattered several times by rock throwers. Police have counted at least 40 dents on her home made by rocks. Potyka said she has also hired a private investigator to try to find whom she believes are juvenile suspects. She is offering a $250 reward for information leading to the arrest of each suspect.

Police have told KVUE that there have been eight rock throwing cases in the past four years but that they suspect even more that neighbors just haven't reported.

Potyka lives on Corbin Lane near West Oltorf Street and South First Street in the Skyway neighborhood. She said it's made up of a little more of 50 homes. Potyka's home and others sit directly in front of railroad tracks. Potkya and other neighbors who spoke with KVUE have seen several people walking along the rail road tracks, which is illegal.

KVUE spoke with Union Pacific last week, the company that owns the rail line. The company told KVUE they are working with the City of Austin to see which public right of ways may need fencing to try to prevent issues such as trespassing.

The latest trespassing incident happened Sunday, according to Potyka. The mother of a 7-year-old daughter said she has had enough.

"We're still living in fear of our lives," Potyka said.

Austin police said they have no new developments with these cases.