The triple-digit heat isn't keeping people inside, at least not when it comes to the surging sport of foot-golf.

You can play it now at courses in both Austin and now in Round Rock.

It's a hybrid of golf and soccer. The same rules of golf apply, but instead of a club, you're kicking a soccer ball into the hole, avoiding bumpers and sand traps.

“Everybody is always anxious to play a new sport,” said Harvey Penick’s Golf Campus professional golfer Meredith Conlon.

The campus is overseen by The First Tee Greater Austin, a nonprofit that provides educational programs for youth. Conlon says the game brings in a whole new crowd, and being athletic isn’t required.

"There's not a lot of running, you're kicking the ball you're walking to your next shot--kicking again--so it has a lot to do with aiming and distance response,” said Conlon.

Although there's less physical strain--strategy is important.

It's what attracted 15-year-old Christopher Hehman to the campus, he also plays soccer.

“So, it kind of brings them both together,” he said.

Footgolf was introduced back in 2011 when The American Footgolf League was formed. It is played in 48 states.

This month, Harvey Penick Golf Campus is hosting a footgolf city championship tournament.

"It's a growing sport so I do definitely see it taking off,” Conlon added.

Meredith Conlon is the campus' professional golfer--she says the game brings in a whole new crowd. Hehman and his brother say the challenge is what makes it exciting.

"This is my third time coming--I love it,” Conner Hehman said.

The game is reshaping two major sports into something these players feel is one-of-a-kind.

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