Brick-and-mortar stores saw their busiest traffic days on Saturday and Sunday, according to Forbes.

Shoppers on Sunday said they hoped to get the last minute deals, while others admitted that Christmas just snuck up on them.

One woman showed off her new presents after hunting for gifts for the grandkids.

“I came two days ago and the lines were just horrible, but today it's not too bad,” said Ann Everitt. “Of course, maybe now everyone is just now coming.”

Right on Everitt's cue, a family dressed in onesie pajamas showed up. They were searching for a pair for one more family member.

“It's a good way to relieve stress and get that kid out of you,” said Mai Simonton. “You get the Christmas spirit. It's all about being together.”

They called it the First Annual Family Pajama Jam, and members said they hope it continues each year.