A Williamson County dog named "Guinness" isn't looking for a "World Record." He is looking for a forever home though, and he thinks he may have found his match.

But, as "he" put it in a letter on Facebook, his future owner "needed to think about it.." And that's "Something I really respect," Guinness said.

In a Facebook post from the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter on Tuesday, "Guinness" posted a "missed connection" ad. It's a lot like the ones posted on Craigslist when strangers cross paths, but never "connect" in person. So they turn to Craigslist -- or in this case, Facebook -- in hopes that the stranger will see the post and reach out in the digital sphere.

It turns out the "lovely blonde woman" did come to the shelter for Guinness, but the connection was missed again. So now the shelter -- and Guinness -- are hoping for a social media miracle.

The dog signs off the letter with, "Dear nice blonde lady - if you still want to adopt me - I'm here. Love, Guinness."

The full letter: