Local school officials are warning parents about the dangers behind a growing trend of students making 'slime' with a common household cleaning item. 

Wiley Middle School Principal Chris Simpson sent a letter to parents alerting them that some students have been making 'slime' at home or at school with Borax and other household products. Simpson said, in some cases, students have brought Borax to school in a water bottle to make the 'slime.' 

"This is a dangerous activity that must stop," Simpson said in the letter.

Borax, which is a common household commercial cleaner, can cause eye, skin and respiratory irritation. 

"Please speak to your student about not bringing slime or the products to make the slime to school. School experiments conducted in the classroom are supervised by teachers but this type of activity is not part of a classroom activity and is not supervised," Simpson said. "Such activities are disruptive to the school day and can cause harm to children and to the school property."

If your child ingests Borax, contact poison control immediately.