Dubbed the world’s first ultra-accessible splash park designed specifically to address those with special needs, an expansion of Morgan’s Wonderland is set to open on Saturday.

Located right next to Morgan’s Wonderland, Morgan’s Inspiration Island was designed from the ground up with the vision of providing kids with disabilities and their families a safe place to cool off and get wet during those hot San Antonio summers.

“Like Morgan’s Wonderland, Morgan’s Inspiration Island is not a special-needs park; it’s a park of inclusion,” said Gordon Hartman, founder of The Gordon Hartman Family Foundation, in a press release. “Both were designed with special-needs individuals in mind and built for everyone’s enjoyment.”

Prior to Saturday’s opening, the release states Morgan’s Inspiration Island invited groups serving those with special needs to help thoroughly test all the aspects and attractions of the new park.

The $17 million park will feature handicapable features such as:

- A River Boat Adventure ride

- Five water play areas including splashy elements like raintrees, falls, jets and water canons

- Water temperature control features at Rainbow Reef for those with temperature sensitivity

- Waterproof wheelchairs, with spacious private areas available for guests to transfer from chair to chair

The release states that like the original Morgan’s Wonderland, every element at Inspiration Island is wheelchair-accessible, and waterproof wristbands with RFID technology are available for parents to easily ascertain the whereabouts of their children and the other members of their party.

“Morgan’s Inspiration Island – like Morgan’s Wonderland – will concentrate on inclusion and inspire guests with special needs to do things previously thought not to be in their range of capabilities,” wrote Hartman. “Those without disabilities and those with, including individuals in wheelchairs, guests with hearing and visual impairments and even guests on ventilators, will be able to play alongside each other and gain a greater appreciation of one another.”

The water parks are named after Hartman’s 23-year-old daughter, Morgan, who herself has special needs.

“We decided to call it Morgan’s Inspiration Island because Morgan truly has been the catalyst for every project we’ve pursued to help the special-needs community,” Hartman wrote.

Detailed information about Morgan’s Wonderland and Morgan’s Inspiration Island is available here.