The Salvation Army hosted a community Thanksgiving lunch, serving hundreds in the Austin area Wednesday.

Rather than guests walking through the line to get their food for a typical meal, guests sit down at their table as volunteers wait on them. Visitors then had a chance to spend time with volunteers and enjoy their meals. The Salvation Army said the lunch is always one of the most popular volunteer opportunities of the year.

For Dorothy Palmore, this is her seventh year at the shelter.

"Sometimes there's a question whether or not we are aware of them, but there's so many people that are in hard times," she said. "These are regular, normal people and they do deserve the respect of us serving them."

The Salvation Army said they want community members to walk out feeling hopeful.

"No matter what situation, there's always something to be thankful for, anytime the holidays come around. Just being normal, working hard, on it's own is stressful," Alisha Wilson said.

She and her 16-month-old daughter visited the shelter, she feels the Austin community supports them.

"So, just imagine us not being able to provide and then they have the volunteers that are willing to serve you, makes you feel very special," she said.

For every dollar the Salvation Army spends, 83 cents is used to support those services in Travis and Williamson Counties.