Within hours of the fatal stabbing on UT's campus Monday, rumors began passing within the student body that there were other potential attacks happening near Greek buildings on West Campus.

While APD have confirmed that a second stabbing did occur in the 2600 block of Neuces, they said that the two stabbing incidents are believed to be unrelated at this time. With the rumors and second attack so close to their homes, and in light of recent graffiti attacks on their houses in recent weeks, multiple Greek fraternities and sororities took extra steps to make sure their members were safe Monday.

One sorority that wished to remain anonymous told KVUE reporters that they'd sent out an email asking all the members to check in, and once all were confirmed safe - updated parents with that information.

Additionally, multiple groups had extra security hired for the night.

While UT continued to say that there are no threats to campus Monday night, they did continue extra police patrols and extended bus line hours.