Round Rock city officials are raising money for a $2.5 million dollar expansion to the Play For All Park.

The park is designed to be used by children with different abilities.

It’s been open since 2013, and is a huge success.

Round Rock Parks and Rec Director Rick Atkins said about 1,000 people visit the park each day.

"Whether they're from Austin, whether they're from temple Killeen, Round Rock, everybody seems to come to the park and we want them to continue to do so, but we need to expand it to make sure we can keep up with demand,” said Atkins.

That's why they're working on fundraising $300,000 to put towards the $2.5 million dollar park expansion.

As of Monday, Oct. 24, they’re about halfway to their fundraising goal. The expansion will include more parking and more themed play spaces.

Becky Emmanuel brings two of her boys to the park at least once a week.

"They spend a lot of time in the sand, the sand box,” said Emmanuel.

She likes that it's an all-inclusive park.

"I was really moved with the wheelchair swing, I loved the swing as a kid, and I couldn't imagine never being able to swing so when I saw that I almost got, I started tearing up,” said Emmanuel.

Allison Mccullough takes her 2-year-old and likes that there are so many different things to do.

"I think it's awesome, I mean this is the park I tell people about when they come to Austin, Round Rock, or come to visit and for them to expand it, I think it will be just great,” said Mccullough.

Atkins believes the park's popularity is because of it's mission.

"We want it to be inclusive to all and I think people have gravitated towards that,” said Atkins.

"It's a good opportunity to educate them that not everybody is the same and how are we going to treat them,” said Emmanuel.

Now park-goers like Emmanuel are excited to have more space to include even more children. Atkins said they hope to break ground at the beginning of 2017.