A controversial item for local taxpayers -- the Round Rock ISD multi-million dollar bond package -- was voted down on Saturday.

The bonds, totaling $572.1 million, were unanimously approved by the Round Rock ISD Board of trustees but met some criticism from some parents and residents. The bond package split between three propositions:

  • Proposition 1: At an estimated cost of $381.7 million, Proposition 1 would build a sixth high school and 35th elementary school and make improvements at existing facilities.
  • Proposition 2: For a total of $133.6 million, Proposition 2 would build a career tech high school, transform C.D. Fulkes Middle School in a Visual Performing Arts Middle School, and make expansions at existing schools.
  • Proposition 3: For $56.8 million, Proposition 3 would build a third outdoor athletic facility and make improvements to existing fine arts and athletics facilities.

The vote was close, but none of the propositions passed. 

If passed, the bond package would have raised taxes $26 per year for the average homeowner.