After coding for less than a year, a Round Rock teen decided to fill a hole she noticed while tutoring.

Kimberly Nwaneri, 17, saw students wanted one-time and pay-as-you-go tutoring.

Using her coding experience from web tech class, she started working on

"It's an acronym like 'Keep Improving Mentally,'" Nwaneri said.

Her vision is for tutors in any subject to be just a click away.

"One of the basic goals of K.I.M. tutoring is just to get to the point where students can request a lesson and take that lesson like the same day," Nwaneri said.

Nwaneri tutors middle school and high school students. Then her basketball teammates started asking her for help, too.

"It was actually pretty surprising to me because it's not always like kids that seem to be struggling in class," Nwaneri said. "It's also kids that are making A's in the class that just like sometimes the night before a test want to like get a quick lesson in just, like, review with a tutor so they feel confident going into their test."

KIM tutoring is a website now, but she and her developer are looking to launch an app at the beginning of September. In the meantime, she's looking for tutors to join her. You can sign up here.