This week Round Rock broke ground on expanding their Play for All Park, but now they need your help to expand even more.

The city has started construction on expanding the all-abilities park, but they’re also one of two finalists for a $75,000 grant that they hope to win to grow the park even more.

"The Play for All Park will literally more than double in size,” said Roger Heaney, with the Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department said about the current expansion plan. "It's really long overdue. From the moment we opened the play for all park, it's been such, so well received, and so loved by the community.”

Heaney said the Play for All Foundation raised $500,000 for the park to expand.

"The fact that we opened up the first phase and literally within months knew that we needed to double the size, and then to see we launched this fundraising effort, and then to see the community and local businesses in the city do that again, a second time, that's incredible,” said Heaney.

Four-year-old Kelton and 5-year-old Skye said they're excited.

"I love the thing that spins and makes us dizzy,” said Skye.

"I like the city place,” said Kelton.

"One of the things we like the most, in addition to the playground, is the path in back. The kids love to ride their bike all the way to the top and down, lets dad kind of walk and take a Saturday morning in, and give the kids a chance to ride their bike up and down, it's a lot of fun," said dad John Romney.

And Romney said it’s a place they try to visit often.

"How often do we come to the park,” asked Romney.

“A lot,” said Skye.

That's a common thing for families across the area because of the park's ability to cater to those with a wide range of abilities.

"Kids of all abilities and parents can feel really safe in a great environment here,” said Heaney. "We basically knew right away that we had to build a second phase, because literally this park is crowded from opening to sundown.”

The expansion will include new pod areas, like a rope climb, and a treehouse that's wheelchair accessible.

They'll also expand the village, the swings and the playscape, which would include a new train playground.

"We have so many fantastic things that have never been done before in a park, and the great thing about that is everything is accessible for all abilities too,” said Heaney.

There will be more parking spaces and a new race track as well.

"An F1-themed race track where kids in wheelchairs and kids on bikes can race in a race type formation track,” said Heaney.

But Heaney said their sights are set even higher.

The playground is one of two finalists for a $75,000 grant from Chick-fil-A.

"We always like to tell people just because we broke ground on the expansion doesn't mean that we aren't in full fundraising mode. We are, because the more money we can bring in, we can make the park even bigger and better,” said Heaney. "If we can bring in 75,000 more dollars we can make those themed areas even bigger and better than what we even had planned."

But they need people to vote in order to win.

And Heaney said that means even more kids like Skye can come play.

"It will be a lot funner for the daddies to walk around and the kids to play,” said Skye.

Heaney said they plan to complete construction on the current expansion this fall, so in the next month or two.

If you want to vote for the playground to win the grant money, download the Chick-fil-A One app, and click on the True Inspiration Awards section.