AUSTIN -- An Austin cab driver said divine intervention saved his life and the lives of his passengers in one of the latest rock-throwing incidents. 

Fedlu Mohammed, 29, said he was driving two women and an 8-month-old baby home from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport around 12:30 a.m. Sunday when a rock crashed through his windshield near the Braker Lane overpass of Interstate 35.

"By chance, God saved my life," said Mohammed.

The Ethiopian native said he's grateful that rock hit his cell phone.

"Without phone, I'm sure the baby, she die," said Mohammed. 

Mohammed said if that phone wasn't on the dashboard, the rock would have hit the baby girl. He added debris hit his forehead but he is okay.

About 15 minutes later, Austin police said Sunday's second rock throwing incident happened on I-35 near the Cesar Chavez overpass. No one was injured in that incident.

Ron Means, general manager of Austin Cab Company where Mohammed works, said police need to do more to find out who's behind the rock-throwing incidents.

"If they hit a police car, they'd definitely find out who it was, quick," said Means.

Mohammed's windshield was fixed Monday. As a cab driver, he said he can't avoid I-35. He's just glad someone was watching out for him.

Austin police said they are using all available resources to find the rock thrower or throwers. Still, there are no suspects or leads in the cases.

There have been 50 incidents since June 2014. None of the incidents have been solved.

If you are a victim of a rock-throwing incident, immediately pull off the freeway and call 911 to report the location to police.