Riot police, state troopers, and other members of the Texas Department of Public Safety were needed at the Texas state capital Saturday as protesters and counter-protesters got into heated arguments as they met in downtown Austin.

A group of nine to 10 White Lives Matter supporters held a rally at the state capital Saturday and were immediately met by members of Stop Facism Austin and the groups began to get into heated arguments and yelling matches outside the capital.

The competing rallies blocked off 11th street near Congress Avenue and the state capital.

Austin Police along with numerous other law enforcement agencies went to the scene to keep the opposing groups exploding into violence.

The two groups exchanged chants throughout the day and White Lives Matter members said they planned to stay until they got tired.

The occurred on the same day as a long-awaited unveiling of the Texas African American History Memorial at the state capital. The monument was revealed Saturday after a nearly 20 year wait.

The White Lives Matter group said they didn’t plan their protest/rally to coincide with the reveal and dedication of the African American history memorial.

A total of eight people were arrested during the protests on charges including: assault, interference with public duty, evading arrest, and disorderly conduct.