AUSTIN – Nonprofit ride-hailing company RideAustin says they have seen more a 36 percent decrease in rides since Uber and Lyft resumed operations in Austin.

RideAustin was created in 2016 after the two companies pulled out of Austin in response to the failure of Proposition 1, which required fingerprint background checks for Transportation Networking Company (TNC) drivers. The Texas Legislature passed House Bill 100 during the 2017 session, and was signed into law on Memorial Day by Gov. Greg Abbott.

In an email to customers, RideAustin said it has raised more than $250,000 for local charities since its inception and provided nearly two million rides.

“You have a choice in how you ride, and whether your money stays right here in Austin - or goes to Silicon Valley billionaires. And just remember, when you choose RideAustin, you save puppies (and more)!” the email says in part.

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