Various forms of an email have been circulating in Texas stating in some form that when voters cast their ballots, the votes were being switched, typically from Trump votes to votes for Hillary Clinton.

The website looked into the reports and found that reports were not flooding in from across Texas about vote switching. The site said most of the “anecdotes are identical with localities changed.”

It started on social media when a woman in Tarrant County reported that her vote switched from Republican to Democrat. According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, there were two such complaints on Monday and both cases were investigated.

The Tarrant County Elections Administrator told the Star-Telegram that an election judge voided the woman’s ballot at the polling place and “moved her to a different machine where she was able to cast the vote she wanted.” The equipment was also checked and no errors were found. The Tarrant County Election’s Administrator told the Star-Telegram that typically “it’s voter error with the equipment.”

A similar report emerged in Amarillo with voters saying their votes were switched on Facebook. Those stories were deemed to be unfounded as the machines showed no problems. The voters who had issues were allowed to cast another ballot after the first ballot was canceled, according to Nancy Tanner, Potter County judge.

While there are no confirmed incidences of votes switching, it’s always a good practice to double check your vote before you submit your ballot. If you do run across a problem with your vote, inform the local elections officials at your precinct and they can help with what to do next.