State Rep. Dawnna Dukes' (D-Austin) attorney said in a statement that she has rejected the latest proposal from the district attorney's office to drop criminal charges against her and that their request that she undergo a drug assessment "is absurd."

Her attorney also said that due to "certain communication issues with her attorneys," Dukes did not receive the recent proposal via letter until Monday. The proposal from District Attorney Margaret Moore offered to drop corruption charges against her if she resigned by the end of the business day Tuesday. The offer would have also required her to submit to a drug and alcohol assessment and pay fines.


After no contact from Dawnna Dukes, DA's deal to drop charges is off the table

"The inexplicable request that she undergo some drug assessment is absurd, and shame on the D.A.'s office for even suggesting such a condition," the statement said.

Dukes did not resign, so the proposed deal is now off the table, Moore said Tuesday.

In the statement from the lawyer, Dukes "strongly reiterates her innocence and rejects the latest proposal which has an even more unacceptable condition than the previously rejected proposals."

Last year some of Dukes' former staffers claimed she used them to run her errands, and work on personal projects, including a non-profit event.