A website put together some data and research to verify what we all know to be true - Austin is the best city in which to be a dog.

Alencorp.com reviewed breed-specific legislation and made their ranking from cities without breed restriction. According to the website, 33 of the 50 states have breed-specific legislation in place. Laws range from requiring dogs to be on chains to making it illegal to own specific dog breeds, typically those deemed to be aggressive.

The website also looked at the presence of no-kill shelters and dog-friendly restaurants, shops, parks and "enrichment opportunities."

Austin, of course, topped the chart with 167 restaurants, 15 dog parks, five hiking trails, three tours and seven pet-friendly stores.

Phoenix, AZ pulled in second and New York, NY came in third.

So Austinites, remind your pups just how lucky they are!

You can view the full report here.