Have you turned on the television lately and seen the Proposition One ads?

The ads address ideas and concerns behind Mayor Adler’s $720 mobility bond. On Tuesday, KVUE took a closer look at them.

Move Austin Forward are supporters of Prop 1. The ad they produced plays out the steps of the bond: cut travel time, address congestion.

There are concerns that Adler's plan will take away regular traffic lanes. The Move Austin Forward ad doesn't address that, but rather a safety plan along nine major roads in Austin, known as the Smart Corridor. Move Austin Forward Campaign Manager Jim Wick spoke to KVUE Tuesday.

“By in large we're adding more lane miles than we are taking away. In the places where we are taking away lanes are two-- that's East Riverside where we could potentially have high capacity transit, center running lanes or on Guadalupe the drag where we could also do the same thing. essentially where you have the density,” Wick said.

Wick says city leaders will not close any lanes on South Lamar during rush hour traffic. Supporters of Prop 1 say the bond package is less than $5 a month for the median-price home in Austin, which is $250,000.

The images and words used by opponents of Prop one lead voters down a path to debunk Adler's ideas. An ad produced by Honest Transportation Solutions says Prop one will add more traffic, more congestion, $720 million in debt, and smart corridors with no center lanes.

However, the ad doesn't address a solution. Jim Skaggs who works with Honest Transportation Solutions spoke with KVUE Tuesday.

“I would like to see us get rid of this bond, implement a bond that truly deals with congestion. These aren't even the seven most congested corridors in Austin,” Skaggs said.

The overall cost of the Smart Corridor Plan is $1.5 billion, but again voters are asked to approve $720 million.
For more information on the $720 million dollar bond click here.