BURNET, Texas – Police are alerting residents after a possible card skimmer was found at a Burnet gas station Tuesday.

Burnet police said on Facebook that the possible skimmer was found “in one of the gas pumps” at the Fastway Food Stop along East Polk Street. They added “no other business or gas station in town has reported similar issues.”

People are reminded to do the following to avoid becoming a victim when pumping gas:

1. If you are fueling up, try to avoid pumps at the end, where the clerk can't see you. Try to stay in clear view of the clerk when you are fueling up.
2. When deciding whether to choose a credit card or debit card, choose a credit card. It's a safer way to go, otherwise, if they steal your identity they have access to your bank account.
3. Always get a receipt when you fuel. If you have your identity stolen, you have proof to show investigators.
4. Look for signs of tampering around the gas pump. Grab the credit card reader and if it's loose report it to the clerk. Look for damage to the cabinet. Most cabinets will have a seal on it. If the seal is broken, report that to the store clerk.
5. The best way to check for tampering is with your phone. Most of the credit card readers that steal your information have Bluetooth technology. Go to your phone, hit settings, hit Bluetooth, if you see a long string of numbers or letters trying to connect, that is probably not good. Bluetooth technology only travels 25 or 30 feet.

Those who see anything suspicious when filling up at the pumps are asked to report the suspicious activity to their local police department of sheriff’s office.